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Best Wood Burning Stoves for Camping

Protein bars, nuts, and packaged meats are fine for hiking and meals on the go, but nothing beats a nice hot dinner at the end of the day. 

Camping stoves are a quick and convenient way to heat up a meal without needing to build and maintain a large campfire. 

Whether you are car camping with your family or hiking by yourself, there is a camping stove that is perfect for you, and we are here to help you find it!

With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide on the 10 best wood burning stoves for camping. This list will include a variety of different models, sizes, brands and prices.

Why Choose a Wood Burning Stove?

While there are tons of different types of camping stoves on the market, if you are traveling light, a wood burning stove is the way to go. You don’t have to worry about incoming storms or needing the sun to help warm your food as you would with a solar oven. There is no reason to carry around propane – or any other type of liquid or solid fuel for that matter – as your fuel is all around you!  

Wood burning stoves can handle branches, twigs, and leaves. It’s everything that’s likely already found near your campsite, and both safer and lighter than lugging around portable fuels. It is also a more eco-friendly option than other fuel alternatives, and we know if you’re spending time outdoors you love nature! 

Wood burning stoves are a great alternative to campfires. The best camping wood stoves use less wood, burn hotter, have a more concentrated flame, and are easier to control.

In our opinion, a wood burning stove is the easiest and one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to heat up dinner out in the wilderness. A must-have for campers and hikers alike.

Best Wood Burning Stoves for Camping

Solo Stove Campfire Stove

solo stove camp stove


  • Burner Width: 6.7” diameter
  • Total Dimensions: 7.0” D x 9.25” H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 2 lbs 3 oz
  • Price: $$$

Best Wood Burning Camp Stove to Cook for 2-4 People:

If you need a camp stove that can cook for both you and your partner, the Solo Stove Campfire is the one you’re looking for. Solo Stove uses a unique airflow system with a doubled-walled design and secondary combustion.

The double burn is more efficient than a regular fire, and ensures that you get less smoke while cooking. The burn is, in fact, so efficient that you can boil a liter of water in a few as 2-4 minutes!

The Campfire is made of stainless steel and has a large burner of almost 7 inches. While it is a little too heavy to hike with, it makes the perfect companion for drive-up campsites or basecamps. This stove can be run on any biomass you are able to find – twigs, leaves, or even pinecones.

It has both a wire grate and ashtray, separating your fuel from ash to prevent smoke and regulate the airflow.

While the Solo Stove Campfire is one of the more expensive options on our list, it is also one of the only ones suited to easily cook for 2-4 people.

So if you’re venturing out with your family in tow, you better bring the Campfire Stove along as well. 



Solo Stove Titan Stove

best wood burning camp stove


  • Burner Width: 5.1” diameter 
  • Total Dimensions: 5.6” D x 7.9” H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 1 lb 0.5 oz
  • Price: $$

Best Overall Wood Burning Camp Stove:

Solo Stove makes our list a second time with their Titan Stove, which we have ranked as the best wood burning camp stove currently on the market.

 Using the same double-walled design and second combustion, the Titan is essentially a smaller, lighter weight version of the Campfire.  This makes it the ideal choice when you want a powerful and efficient stove that adds only a single pound to your pack.

The Titan can boil a liter of water in a quick 4-6 minutes, and carries smaller than the Campfire Stove. When packed, the Solo Stove Titan can nest inside of the Solo Stove Pot 1800 (sold separately), helping maximize your bag space. It is easy to refuel through a hole in the cooking ring, ensuring that your fire burns hot for as long as you need it to. It is an ideal stove when you need to cook for one to two people.

Overall, the Solo Stove Titan is a small but durable oven that is quick to set up, easy to use, and built with advanced airflow technology, making your small burn powerful and your food piping hot in no time. 



Solo Stove Lite Stove


  • Burner Width: 3.8” diameter 
  • Total Dimensions: 4.25” D x 5.7” H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 9 oz
  • Price: $$

Smallest Pack Space for a Wood Burning Camp Stove:

Solo Stove appears on our charts a third and final time with the Solo Stove Lite. Essentially an even smaller and lighter weight option than the Solo Stove Titan, the Lite Stove weighs just over half a pound and has a burn diameter of about 3.8 inches. 

While not the lightest stove on our list, the Lite does pack the smallest, taking up approximately only 215 cubic inches (0.125 cubic feet) of sack space.  

The Solo Stove Lite uses the same wire grate, ashtray, unique airflow, and double burn technologies as it’s larger predecessors: the Campfire and Titan Stoves. The Lite can boil a liter of water in 8-10 minutes, taking nearly double the amount of time as the Titan.

This isn’t surprising considering it’s reduced size. Also similarly as the Titan can nest with the Pot 1800, the Solo Stove Lite can be nested inside of the Solo Stove Pot 900 – a smaller version of the Pot 1800 – which is sold separately.  

If space in your pack is a big concern, the Solo Stove Lite is the way to go. It’s not as large or powerful as some of the other wood burning stoves on our list, but for portability it ranks highest.



EcoZoom Dura Camping Stove

best wood burning stove for camping


  • Burner Width: 10.2” diameter
  • Total Dimensions: 10.5” D x 10.5” H
  • Material: Cast Iron Top with Ceramic Fiber Insulation & Metal Interior
  • Weight: 10 lbs 4 oz
  • Price: $$$

Best to Cook for 3+ People:

Weighing in at over 10 pounds, the EcoZoom Dura Camping Stove is a beast like no other. This monster is not made for hiking, but if you’re looking to cook for a family, or even a crowd, this is your stove.  

Manufactured with a 10 inch wide cast iron top, this stove can handle both flat and round bottom pots and pans. It’s walls are insulated with a ceramic fiber, keeping the heat and flames inside the oven, and protecting you from extremely hot metals. 

The EcoZoom Dura can be run on any biomass and coal as well. It has a stick support, making it easy to feed longer sticks or even small branches, and keeping your fire burning while you cook for many. Silicon covered handles allow you to move or adjust the stove as needed.  

No job is too big for this stove. If you’re driving into the woods and need to feed the masses, this is the wood burning camp stove you need.



CANWAY Wood Camping Stove

canway camping stove


  • Burner Width: 5.25” diameter
  • Total Dimensions: 5.25” D x 7.9” H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 1 lb 2 oz
  • Price: $

Lightweight Wood Burning Camp Stove for Larger Pots & Pans:

Similar in size, shape, and weight, the CANWAY Wood Camping Stove is essentially a cheaper version of the Solo Stove Titan Stove that we reviewed previously as our top choice for a wood burning camping stove. 

The CANWAY Wood stove is made of stainless steel and uses a similar double combustion airflow as Solo Stove, with the difference being that the CANWAY has one less set of air intake holes.  

The CANWAY has folding arms on it’s cooking ring that can be used to support larger pots and pans, but the design can pose a challenge to those only wanting to heat up a small cup of liquid. A modification or additional equipment will be needed if trying to head something with a diameter roughly around 3 inches or smaller.  

This stove does have an opening in it’s cooking ring to easily refuel the fire, and it’s elevated cooking arms help give you even more space. Without refueling, the fire will last approximately 20 minutes or less. 



Ohuhu Stainless Steel Camping Stove

best wood burning camp stove


  • Burner Width: 5.3” diameter
  • Total Dimensions: 5.3” D x 6.1” H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 14 oz
  • Price: $

Best Budget Wood Stove for Camping:

If you are on a budget or looking for that first wood burning camp stove to test the waters, the Ohuhu Stainless Steel Camping Stove is the perfect wood burning stove to purchase. It is the least expensive stove on our list and yet still provides enough versatility and options to give you a good feel for wood burning stoves.  

At only 6 inches high, the Ohuhu is one of the shortest stoves on our list. However, it is also fairly light – weighing under a pound – and packs to a height of only 3 inches. There is an option to either use a 3 armed cooking base or grill, but the grill is only about 4.5 inches wide, so cooking for more than just yourself on this is not ideal.  

The stove comes with a plate that you can use for solidified alcohol tablets, making it versatile incase you ever go camping when biomass is not readily available for fuel. When using biomass, you do have to lift the pot off the stove if you need to refuel. 

It does not have a large feeding opening like some of the other stoves on our list. It might not be the absolute best stove on our list, but when money is a priority, the Ohuhu Stainless Steel Camping Stove is definitely a great option.  



REDCAMP Wood Burning Stove


  • Burner Width: 5.5” W x 5.9” L
  • Total Dimensions: 5.5” W x 5.9” L x 8.3” H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 1 lb 14 oz
  • Price: $

Best Camp Stove Offering Fuel Versatility:

Got Biomass? Great! Can’t find any twigs, leaves, or sticks around? No problem! If you are looking for the availability to use a variety of fuel types, the REDCAMP Wood Burning Stove fits the bill. This stove can be run on wood, leaves, pinecones, spirit burners, gas, solid tablets, and even coal. One stove fits all fuels.  

It’s flat top makes grilling a breeze and fits most average sized pots, pans, and cups as well. It is foldable for transportation, and it’s rectangular shape makes it easier for transporting than most circular stoves. 

Our biggest complaint with this stove is the blue plastic film that accompanies it. The product description warns you to remove it before use, which can take up to 10 minutes, but trust us – you’ll need more than 10 minutes.  

Removable film aside, the REDCAMP Wood Burning Stove is a great buy if you want to try a wood burning stove but aren’t sure if you will like it, or if you are considering a few non-wooded campsites. Forest camping or desert camping, the REDCAMP Wood Burning Stove can easily be toted and used at either destination.



Toaks Titanium Backpacking Wood Stove


  • Burner Width: 4.13” diameter
  • Total Dimensions: 4.13” D x 8” H
  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Price: $$

Best Ultralight Wood Burning Camp Stove:

Coming in at a mere half a pound, the Toaks Titanium Backpacking Wood Stove is the best ultralight wood burning stove for camping. Made from titanium, this stove is both lighter and more durable than it’s stainless steel counterparts. 

The Toaks Stove also features a unique triple combustion mechanism, creating an effective and efficient burn. These upgrades do come at a price; The Toaks Titanium Stove is in the more expensive half of our list.  

With this, however, you get a compact carry of approximately 4.1 x 4.3 inches and yet still one of the tallest stoves when unpacked. The Toaks Stove can also nest inside the Toaks Titanium 1100ml or 1600ml pots, and nest a Toaks Titanium 375ml or 450ml cup inside itself. 

All of these are sold separately, but it does make your cooking equipment more compact than the other options offered by most other outdoor brands. Overall, if weight is your top concern, the Toaks Titanium Backpacking Wood Stove is your best choice for an ultralight stove.



TOMSHOO Camping Stove


  • Burner Width: 4.3” diameter
  • Total Dimensions: 5.4” D x 17.5” H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 1 lb 1 oz
  • Price: $

Lightweight Wood Burning Camp Stove for Smaller Pots & Cups:

While the majority of stoves on our list have arms and stands for larger pots and pans, the TOMSHOO Camping Stove gives extra consideration to those small pots, cups, and mugs.  

With a serrated cross stand, the TOMSHOO Stove offers a non-slip solution to holding smaller items over the burner.

It also features a grill accessory, so if you don’t want to use a pan at all- no problem! This grill isn’t the sturdiest piece of equipment we’ve ever seen, but it does get the job done.

The general pot support has a large opening in it so it’s easy to refuel the fire. While we do wish more of the pieces locked in place, the TOMSHOO does come with a solid alcohol tablet tray, meaning that if biomass is not available, you can easily bring alcohol tablets along and still use the stove. 

Using the same technology as several other stoves on our list, the TOMSHOO is double walled to increase burn efficiency, and weighs just over one pound. It has a fairly compact carry and is relatively inexpensive. All in all, if you camp by yourself often and are looking for something to heat up a cup of hot cocoa at night, this is the Wood burning camp stove for you.



Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stove

Unigear wood burning stove


  • Burner Width: 6.25” L x 7.5” W
  • Total Dimensions: 6.25” L x 7.5” W x 7.2” H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 1 lb 8 oz
  • Price: $

Thinnest Foldable Wood Burning Camp Stove: 

One of only two foldable camp stoves to make our list, the Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stove sports the thinnest fold we’ve found, at only one inch. This stove is relatively lightweight for how large it is, sporting a 6.25 x 7.5 inch rectangular burn area at only a pound in a half. 

The Unigear isn’t quite light enough to go trekking with, but if you are looking for something to grill more than one burger or steak, this will do the trick. Similar to the other rectangular stove, the Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stove can actually handle a variety of fuels. Biomass, coal, solid tablets, or gas, this stove can handle it all.  

Our biggest complaint is that there is no front cover on the stove, which not only makes it significantly hotter while cooking, but it is a little harder to set up a 3-legged stove as well. Not to mention the lack of windscreen makes keeping the fire steady and strong slightly more difficult. 

This feature does, however, make refueling and using slightly larger pieces of stick and branch pretty easy, and it is easy enough to improvise a windscreen if needed. 



How to Choose a Wood Burning Stove for Camping

To help narrow down your search and find which wood burning camp stove is right for you, we’ve come up with a list of additional considerations below.   

Weight & Portability

If you are planning on taking your wood burning stove on a long hike or trek, the weight and portability of the stove you purchase should be a top priority. Some of the stoves on our list ranged from 2-11 pounds, which are not suitable unless you are driving near your campsite. However, there are many ultralight and lightweight options available. 

With this, it’s important to consider the stove’s composition. While most stoves on our list were made of stainless steel, there are titanium options which tend to be more expensive but significantly lighter. Is it worth splurging on one of these to save half a pound?

Check the carry dimensions of your stove: how small is it? Will you have room in your pack? Most on our list come with convenient sacks to store them in when not in use. Are you planning on nesting your stove? What size are the accessories you want to bring with it and how portable are they? If you are driving to a site, the folded or carry dimensions might be less important to you, but for hikers these are definitely key questions you need to answer.  


As previously mentioned, wood burning camp stoves are manufactured out of a variety of materials. While the majority of stoves on our list are primarily made of stainless steel, there are also lightweight Titanium options, along with cast iron burners, insulated stoves v. non insulated stoves, and more!

While titanium is durable and light, it can be pricey. Insulation and cast iron both add weight to your stove but can be more versatile or easier to handle. Some of the stoves have hinges, doors, and locking mechanisms. Review your stove and make sure you’re purchasing one made of sturdy, durable materials that can handle both the heat of the fire and the roughness of the outdoors. 

Ease of Use

How easy is your stove to put together? How difficult is it to feed the fire or keep the flame going?  

Many stoves have large openings to help constantly refuel the fire. Others require you to lift your pan off the flame each time, interrupting the cooking process. Some larger stoves need little to no refueling at all.

Consider how easy it will be to set up, start, and maintain your wood burning camp stove before purchasing it.


While generally all wood burning stoves are more efficient than large campfires, they do range in efficiency among themselves. Look at the technology and airflow schemes used in manufacturing your stove. Is there a second or third level of combustion which will increase the efficiency of your burn? 

How is your stove vented? How much smoke might be created? Are you looking for a large grill area to cook for multiple people at once, or a small flame to cook your food as fast as possible? How quick is the boil time? Can you sacrifice weight or size to carry around a more efficient stove? 


As with most outdoor equipment, the price of wood burning camp stoves ranges quite a bit. Stoves on our list alone range from $20 or below all the way up to $120 or more – and that’s not including cooking accessories or heat-protective gloves!

It’s important to always set a price limit and stay within that budget.  We promise there is a great wood burning camp stove that will fit your needs and won’t bust your wallet.   

Final Thoughts

Wood burning camping stoves are a great, eco-friendly way to heat up a meal while enjoying the outdoors. They are quick to set up, and easy to use. Not to mention much more efficient than a regular campfire.  

The best part? You can ditch the extra fuel weight from your pack because your fuel is all around you. Sticks, twigs, leaves, and pinecones! While most of these can be collected by hand, you can check out our reviews on bushcraft saws in case you need a little help trimming some branches along the way.

All in all, whether you go with our Editor’s Choice of the Solo Stove Titan Stove, the ultralight Toaks Titanium Backpacking Wood Stove, the affordable Ohuhu Stainless Steel Camping Stove, or any other wood burning stove on our list, we guarantee you will be happy with your choice. 

Hopefully our list of the best wood burning stoves for camping has given you a good idea about which model you want. 

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your perfect match and then light up our comments section below with how much you love your new stove. 

We wood love to see them in action! 


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