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Best 8 Person Camping Tents

One of the most prevalent factors we consider when we are purchasing a tent is the size and capacity. If we are looking for a tent for more than three people, usually we aren’t concerned as much about weight because we won’t be backpacking.

For families and large groups, huge three room tents that can hold up to 10 or more people aren’t always practical or within the budget. That’s why we found an excellent in-between tent size and put together a list of the best 8-person camping tents.

Eight person tents are an interesting size because they can be used for couples or smaller groups as well. They are usually one-room tents with wings on either side to provide a bit more floor space for sleeping or gear.

When it comes to tent size, how big or small the tent is will be up to you. There may be certain features, such as standing room or additional entrances that stand out. Then, beyond that, although you will likely be car camping, take some time to look at weather protective materials.

Just because you won’t be on a backpacking trek doesn’t mean that you are immune to the weather around you. All of the best tents, no matter the size, take into account the materials used for durability and weather protection.

So, in this article, we will be diving into the best 8 man tents on the market today. Once we’ve worked our way through the detailed reviews, we will dive deeper into why we picked the tents on our list. These tent criteria will hopefully help you decide on your next tent purchase.

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Best 8 Person Tent Reviews

Tents listed below are in no particular order. The majority of them will be strictly eight-person tents, but a few listed can also accommodate up to nine people.

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person

best 8 person tent
  • Material: Tent fabric is made from a 75D polyester taffeta material.
  • Size: 16’ L x 7’ W x 6’ 2” H 
  • Price: $$

The first 8 person tent on the list comes from a well-known outdoor gear brand. Coleman makes a wide variety of tents, and their eight-person Elite Montana stands out for a few reasons. First, they offer two specific design options.

You can choose the standard Coleman Elite Montana, or you can pay just slightly more for the same tent with a built-in LED light system.

I haven’t had this tent personally, but I have used tents with built-in light systems. They make a world of difference, especially if you end up having to spend the night in the tent because of rain or cold weather conditions. 

Other than the option of the LED light system, this tent has all of the features you’d want. It is a cabin-style tent, so most people will be able to stand up in the middle section easily.

They use a weatherproof system that utilizes welded corners, bathtub style floor, inverted seams, and a stable structure that can withstand winds up to 35+ mph. 

Although it is weatherproof, it is not entirely waterproof. This tent should be trusted in light rains, but not necessarily in heavy, sustained downpours. You can combat this by taping the seams and adding a waterproof coating yourself.



Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

best 8 person tent - core 9 person
  • Material: 68D polyester tent fabric with a 600mm hydrostatic rating. It also comes equipped with fiberglass poles and steel tent stakes. 
  • Size: 16’ L x 9’ W x 6’ H
  • Price: $$

The CORE 9 person tent is what it says it is, and it sleeps up to nine people. It is a dome-style tent, but when you’re inside, it will feel more like a cabin retreat.

With two additional ridge poles in the design, the interior space becomes much roomier. Although there are additional poles, the tent is still quick and easy to set up. 

As an affordable tent option, the materials are considered to be waterproof. The PU coating applied to the fabric will wear off over time and need to be recoated with frequent use.

Although this tent can stand up to some storms, high winds are not recommended. 

With that in mind, the main tent is made up mostly of mesh materials. This gives a superior ventilation system, perfect for warm-weather camping. The rainfly will provide much of the rain protection.

This is a great tent option for families that only camp a couple of times a year. The materials will hold up to the elements but are not exceptionally durable when it comes to general wear and tear. 

This can be an excellent tent in the right circumstances and with the right group of people. If you want this tent to last, you’ll need to make sure that you take good care of it and continue to add waterproof coatings each year.



REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent

rei co-op 8 person tent
  • Material: The canopy and rainfly are made from 74D coated nylon taffeta, and the floor is made from 150D coated polyester Oxford fabric. It comes equipped with aluminum poles. 
  • Size: 12’ 6” L x 8’ 4” W x 6’ 3” H
  • Price: $$$$

The REI Kingdom 8 Tent truly feels like a castle. The vertical style wall and rectangle floor design give it a cabin feel and provide standing space throughout the entire tent. 

Since the tent can sleep up to eight adults, there is an optional room divider that can be moved to resize the two areas. This is especially nice to add a bit more privacy if you are camping with friends or family members.

There are two entrances to the tent that further encourages privacy between the two living spaces. 

As a freestanding tent, it is fast and easy to pitch. There are also colored coded aspects of the tent to simplify the setup process further. Once set up, this tent is fantastic on a summer afternoon without the rainfly as the majority of the roof is mesh and bug netting.

If there is a chance of rain, you can ensure you’ll be protected with the rainfly. 

The tent materials were carefully selected and combined to maximize the usability of the tent. The waterproofing goes beyond just the fabric and extends to sealed seams and a cut-in floor along with drip-free entrances.



Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Tent

  • Material: All tent fabric is made from polyester materials, including ventilation mesh. Equipped with DAC Aluminum poles. 
  • Size: 14’ 7” L x 9’ 7”/8’/7’ W x 6’ H
  • Price: $$$$

Big Agnes has long been known for its high-quality tents and innovative designs.

This eight-person tent is no exception. Although it will be one of the most expensive tents listed on our list, if you are looking for a tent that will last you for years with versatility and add-on options, then this might be the tent for you. 

All of the materials used for this tent are high quality, durable fabrics that function in the tents water and weatherproof systems.

It’s a four-season tent, so although there is plenty of ventilation for summer months, it is still warm enough with the rainfly to work in most weather conditions. 

There are two doors and an optional separator to add some privacy to the sections. The vestibule not only adds extra storage room outside the tent, but it can be staked and propped up with trekking poles to create a shade shelter. All these features easily make this the best 8 person tent with vestibule for those looking for a little extra porch space.

There is also the option to add a storage loft for extended stays in the tent. The loft is not included with the tent, but the loops and attachment points are there in case you want to add one.



Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

  • Material: Made with a polyester fabric with a polyurethane water-resistant coating. The floor is a welded polyurethane, the frame is fiberglass, and it comes equipped with plastic and steel stakes. 
  • Size: 16’ L x 11’ W x 6’ 6” H
  • Price: $$

The layout of this tent is unique. The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike tent utilizes a “T” style layout. If you use both rooms as sleeping areas, you can easily fit eight people or two queen-sized air mattresses. The main tent area sleeps five people, and the smaller screen room/entrance area sleeps three comfortably.

The preferred use for this tent is for four or five people in the main cabin tent with the front entrance room used as storage and a bug-free hangout spot. While there is room to stand throughout the tent, the fiberglass frame and steel stakes provide the necessary stability to withstand most weather conditions.

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that this tent is going to keep you dry. There is a water-resistant coating on all of the fabric with extra welded protection on the floor. With so much mesh throughout, this tent should be utilized in warm climates. There is also a low-high ventilation system in place to provide even more airflow.



Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent

  • Material: Made with weather tec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams. 
  • Size: 13’ L x 9’ W x 6’ 8” H with a 2’ x 2’ closet space
  • Price: $$$

Upgrade your camping experience with this cabin style Coleman 8-person tent. You can stand up throughout the entire tent, and there is room enough to fit two queen-sized air mattresses comfortably. 

Other than the excellent head and floor space, there is a designated storage closet. This makes setting up camp for a week feel even homier and gives you one area to consolidate gear, reducing clutter. 

After you’ve had a chance to practice setting this tent up a couple of times, it will easily take you less than 10 minutes to pitch it. Unlike traditional Coleman tent designs, they made the setup efficient by using fast pitch technology and color-coding certain aspects to make it easier to follow. The instructions are not the easiest to understand, which is why it may take a few times to get your time under 10 minutes. 

There are very few negative aspects to this tent. The carrying case comes with wheels to make it easy to transport. You are protected from the wind and the rain, and their patented hinged door makes coming in and out of the tent efficient as well. All around, it is an excellent piece of gear.



Eureka Copper Canyon 8-Person

best 8 person tent
  • Material: 75D polyester taffeta fabric for the floor and canopy with a 1200mm coating. The rainfly is made from a 75D StormSheild polyester with a 1200mm coating. The tent is equipped with fiberglass poles and steel stakes. 
  • Size: 13’ L x 10’ W x 7’ H
  • Price: $$$

You will have room for your whole family plus some in this Eureka Copper Canyon 8-person tent. The near-vertical wall design gives you standing room throughout the entire tent. Although the tent is quite large, set up is made easy with color codes pins and clips and easy to follow instructions. 

One of the unique features of this tent is the additional storage option you have with the storage loft. This may take up a bit of your standing room, but it opens up a lot of floor space if you have a lot of people sharing the tent or you have a lot of gear. You have the option of using the room dividers for added privacy as well. 

You can guarantee that this tent will protect you from the elements as they use top quality materials throughout. Along with the polyester taffeta fabric, they made sure it had a waterproof coating. The sturdy frame makes the freestanding tent strong and stable even in windy conditions. 

Plus, the bathtub style floor stops water from coming in at the base of the tent, which is always good.



NTK Cherokee GT 8-9 Person

  • Material: 100% waterproof tent body materials made from 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane. The rainfly is reinforced with a 2500mm coating with heat-sealed thermoplastic for UV protection. The floor is made from seamless, anti-fungal polyurethane materials. Tent is equipped with nano flex fiberglass poles. 
  • Size: 12’ L x 10’ W x 6’ H
  • Price: $$$

The final tent on the list is slightly less expensive, but it is still a midrange tent in regards to price. For the price, you are getting a worthwhile tent. Since this is a dome-style tent, you will only be able to stand up in the middle, which is the highest point. The walls will slant down traditionally on the sides. 

The NTK Cherokee tent can sleep up to nine people, but it does leave minimal space for gear if you choose to do that. Overall, this is a minimalistic tent design. There are not a ton of bells and whistles to make it stand out. 

What is great about this tent is that it is trustworthy in all weather. You can be sure that you will be dry even in the worst rainstorms and that your tent will still be standing (if you set it up correctly) in high winds. 

It is easy to set up, even by yourself. It will go much faster with two people, but the easy to follow guidelines and traditional setup design make pitching this tent a breeze. NTK makes the tent design in a variety of sizes for different groups, so if you don’t need as much floor space, you can get the same tent, only smaller. 

The 8-9 person design does have the benefit of having two doors and a privacy divider. These are not provided for all the models.



How to Choose the Best 8 Person Tent

When you embark on the journey of finding a new tent, it can become a deeply personal decision. I’ve spent many hours online and in stores when it comes down to finding the perfect next piece of camping gear that fits my needs. In the end, taking my time and shopping around was worth it.

Choosing the tents on our list comes down to several factors, but the main things we look for in a tent come down to durability, weather protection, size, and other comfort features. Budget and price will always be a factor in your decision. However, we did not include it below. So, once you have decided on your new tent budget, start to narrow down your list using the criteria below.

Durability & Sturdiness

The first thing to look for after deciding your budget is the quality of materials. The quality of the tent material will help you determine how durable and sturdy the tent will be. I think that this process is easiest when done in person at an outdoor retailer.

When you are in the store, they will have a few tents set up to allow you to look at the tent quality. You can even ask an employee about the different materials used and their benefits. If you can’t do that, looking online at reviews like this one is a huge help. If the tent has up to date customer comments, these can be somewhat reliable as well. Just make sure that they are a verified and recent purchaser.

What you should look for when browsing potential tents is primarily what the fabric is made from and what the poles are made from. You can see if the stakes are steel, which is helpful, but a lot of tent companies cut corners on the stakes, so you may need to upgrade those even if you buy a high-quality tent.

The best poles for longevity and sturdiness will be made from either fiberglass or aluminum. Fiberglass is a bit more flexible, but it is just as long-lasting. You will want to avoid tents that use plastic poles as they are easy to break and will likely only last one or two uses.

For the tent materials, you want to look for polyester, nylon, and polyurethane. All of these will be discussed further in the next section, but they are high-quality and durable materials that most reliable companies will use.

Weather Protection

Coming off of the durability and sturdiness of tent materials is the weather protection of the tent. The type of weather that you will be camping in isn’t always up to you, so it is best to be prepared in case storms roll in out of nowhere.

Weather protection isn’t only about rain, though. You should also consider wind and temperature. Most tents on our list are three-season tents, meaning that they likely won’t hold up to cold weather. There are some tents, on the other hand, that are better used in the cold versus the hot summer months.

The temperature you will be camping in will determine a lot about the tent style and ventilation. Many three-season tents will have extensive mesh sections on their tent body and use the rainfly as protection from wind and water. If the tent has high and low ventilation, it is best suited for hot weather as well.

When it comes to waterproofing, you need to look for the use of polyester, nylon, and polyurethane materials. A bonus is if the manufacturer uses either polyester or nylon taffeta fabric. These fabrics will be tightly woven, making them water-resistant even without a coating.

If you want true waterproofing, though, you need to look for tents that have a waterproof coating. On top of that, the tent should have tub style floors, taped seams, and covered zippers.

Your wind protection will mostly come down to the strength and flexibility of the poles. If the tent fabric is tight, that helps with aerodynamics and pushes wind up and off the tent instead of into the tent. Some freestanding tents don’t require you to use the stakes or guylines, but they should provide them in case you need to secure the tent in the wind.

Number of Rooms

Most eight-person tents will have two rooms or one large room that has an optional divider. The number of rooms will be determined by how many people you usually camp with. If you want a larger tent as a couple or small family, multiple rooms may not be much of a concern.

However, if you are investing in a tent because a large group of friends often goes camping together, it may be nice to have at least a divider and two doors.

Other common reasons why having multiple rooms is helpful is for gear storage or to have an indoor hangout space. If you are on a long term camping trip, you may have a lot of gear. Having another room, closet, or lofted storage space can be a huge help.

There have also been many instances where I’ve been stuck inside with my camping companions because of inclement weather. It is a lifesaver when you don’t have to cram into the sleeping space while you hang out or make food.

If you need a tent with 3 rooms, I’d recommend cheking out our article on the best 3 room tents. Here we cover a ton of awesome options and is definitely worth a quick read.

Ease of Setup

This may not matter to some people, but the ease of setup is a big deal. It isn’t just about how fast you can set it up either. Are there a lot of parts? Are the instructions confusing? How many people do you need to set it up?

I like to look for tents that I can set up alone, even if they are for large groups. When it comes to camping, things don’t always go as planned and there are a lot of things that need to be done when you get to your campsite. If you can easily set up a tent alone, you can save a lot of time, especially if you get to camp late at night or are expecting bad weather at any moment.

Many tent companies will now design their tents to be color-coded on the poles and clasps to make it easier to know which parts go where. Additionally, some manufacturers come up with quick pitch systems that leave the poles in the tent so you can unpack, unroll, and pop the tent up instantly.

Additional Comfort Features

While I love a classic and minimalist tent, having other features like a room separator can bring a new level of comfort to your experience. Once again, this section is a very personal one. You will have to decide which comfort features are worth paying extra for and which ones you could comfortably live without.

Some comfort features that have become more and more popular with tent manufacturers include a storage loft, e-port, screen room, built-in LED light system, and multiple doors.
With a tent big enough for eight people, a lot of the comfort features may come down to privacy. Even if you have a room divider, the additional door will allow each side to have their own entrance and exit to not disturb the others.

Then there is the storage loft. These are amazing if you have a lot of gear or a lot of people. It opens up the floor space, and you can situate it above your sleeping area where you wouldn’t be standing anyway.

The last comfort feature I want to highlight is a built-in LED light system. This may seem unnecessary, however, I have found it to be of the most useful add-on features in any tent I’ve owned. It is nice not to rely on a lantern you can knock over or hit your head on when you stand up. Or you don’t have to put your headlamp on when you need to see something.

In the end, the additional comfort features will come down to your needs and how much you want to pay. Many higher-priced tents will include almost all of the things I’ve listed, whereas lower priced tents made with high-quality materials may have cut them out to allow for a better price.

Final Thoughts

There is so much to consider when searching for the best 8 person tent. The good news is that if you are reading this, you’ve at least decided on the size you want. That narrows down the pool quite a bit! Still, there are so many tents to choose from, and it can take hours to comb through all the comments and reviews.

We hope that we could take some of that leg work out of the process for you. The best eight-person tents are not all the best for the same reasons, but they do all fit into our necessary criteria.

In the end, your perfect eight-person tent will come down to personal preference, but we hope we gave you a place to start and some helpful tips to guide you to your next tent purchase.

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