About Us

Welcome to Outdoorsr!

My name’s James and I’m the founder of this here site. 

Growing up in Kent, known as the “garden of England”, I spent the majority of my childhood outdoors. Whether that was making a fort/ base with some pals, mountain biking or just playing with my dog, it’s safe to say I spent more time outside than I did inside. 

While these days I unfortunately spend much less time outside (stupid job), I decided to create this website to share everything I learn/ have learned about the great outdoors. 

So, let me tell you little bit more about me, and some of my most memorable outdoor experiences. 

For me, my favourite hike has to be in Ladakh, which is a northern region of India. Flying from Delhi to Ladakh is by far one of the greatest things I have, and will ever see. It’s known as one of the most beautiful flights in the world, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. You fly over the gorgeous Himalayan mountains into the airport of Leh, which is one of the highest altitude airports in the world.

The trek itself was comprised of 5 days, where we reached a maximum altitude of around 4,225 meters above sea level. Unfortunately, the crippling altitude sickness did somewhat put a dampener on the experience, but I’m happy I pushed through.

Another of my most memorable experiences was travelling New Zealand, staying at the various camp sites along the way. New Zealand is quite literally heaven for anyone who loves the outdoors, with about a million different activities to try out. For me though, it was the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a 19.4km single day hike located in the stunning dual world heritage site that stood out the most.

We also did some other awesome stuff like bunjee jumps, sky dives, cliff jumps and a number of other hikes (Roys Peak sunrise hike is another epic one). 

So there’s a little bit about me. Now let’s talk a bit more about Ourdoorsr specifically.

Ourdoorsr is designed to be a one stop shop for all information concerning a vast amount of outdoor activities. 

Ambitious, I know, but hey, reach for the stars right? When it comes to areas that I’m not too knowledgeable about, I will seek the help of experts in those fields in order to bring you the latest and most accurate information (you can check out our epic writers below).

If you’ve got any questions, or would like to know a bit more about how we go about reviewing and composing our gear guides, head over to this article. Also, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact us page.

Meet Our Writers

Considering the scope of our site, there’s no chance this can be a one or two person show. With that in mind, we’ve put together a team of writers knowledgable in an array of outdoor topics and areas. 

Meg Carney

From wilderness survival guide to forestry technician to climbing instructor, Meg Carney has an eclectic work history. But the common factor across all her pursuits is the outdoors. With a formal education in writing, Meg can translate her outdoor experiences into accessible and relatable content for any reader. Meg is based in Phoenix, AZ where she splits her time between working with BestDraft LLC and new desert adventures.

Melissa Chiella

Melissa’s been exploring the globe for years while pursuing a career in front and back-country wilderness guiding and was lead trainer and GM for an outdoor travel brand. She now calls the west coast home, splitting her time between Lake Tahoe and Alaska. With many years of travel experience, hiking adventures, cultural exposure, and professional guiding, she looks forward to sharing her colorful experiences through her writings with BestDraft LLC.

Kristen Erickson

Aerospace Engineer by day, avid adventurer, writer, & editor by night; Kristen is an accomplished world traveler (14 countries and counting!), an advanced SCUBA diver, and ready to plunge into your next project as she contributes her knowledge and experience to BestDraft LLC.

John Beye

When not working as a freelance writer and completing projects with BestDraft LLC., John stays busy as a wilderness guide, educator, and sustainable tourism professional working around the globe. He’s motivated by pushing the limits of comfort, experiencing new cultures and wild places, and growing closer to the people and environment that surround him. You can contact him professionally on his LinkedIn Page.

Dan Purdy

Dan has guided day hikes in Norway, volcano trips in Nicaragua, and, most recently, backpacking adventure in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. All these experiences have provided Dan with a fully stocked toolkit of knowledge and expertise to bring to his outdoor- and adventure-focused writing projects. He’s currently based on the West Coast, where he splits his time between backcountry guiding, rock climbing, and managing BestDraft LLC – a professional writing service.


Phil Griggs

Hi, my name is Phil! I have been obsessed with outdoor activities from a young age. As a child my family and I went on many adventures throughout the English countryside. As I have gotten older, I have been lucky enough to have some amazing experiences, including  hikes in India, Uganda and New Zealand. I hope to show my passion through writing articles and to educate and help you any way I can!

Natasha Buffo

Natasha is a former Silicon Valley business analyst turned world traveler, backpacker, snowboarder, kayaker, and contributing writer with BestDraft LLC. Ski touring and cycle touring are recent additions to her repertoire, providing fresh perspective. With six years of writing experience, her stories are found in The Dust Magazine, Out There Podcast, Women on the Road Podcast, and soon in SISU Magazine. She’s also written a non-fiction manuscript titled “Dirt and Tears”. When she’s not exploring the trails of the U.S. National Parks, or the culture of New Zealand, she resides in the remote town of Kirkwood, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, near Lake Tahoe, California.


Cameron Vigliotta

Born and raised in the backwoods of New England, Cam is a full-time outdoors and travel writer whose work explores the people, activities, politics, art, and literature of the outdoors. His writing has been featured by REI Co-Op, Active Interest Media, and Stay Wild Magazine among others, and he’s currently a contributing writer for BestDraft LLC. A passionate traveler and self-proclaimed dirtbag, Cam spends his free time backpacking throughout the Pacific Northwest and car camping in his 90’s 4Runner. 

Ian Standard

Since youth Ian has always felt himself pulled towards trees and playing amongst them. Now, he brings that play to his career as a Guide for a wilderness therapy program in Southeast Alaska, and as a teacher at a K-3 outdoors school in Asheville, North Carolina. Combine all this experience with a passion for reading, and Ian has all the tools he needs to deliver fantastic content!